Why do we do things the way we do? Sometimes, it can seem like a workflow has more steps than it needs, that projects touch more areas than necessary, or that a process creates too much waste. Internal procedures and protocols can often result in inefficiencies, redundancies, and even loss of revenue.

That’s where process engineering comes in. At RETTEW, we work closely with our clients to understand their challenges and business goals, and we can explore how operational improvements may help further those goals. Maybe your company is looking to reduce energy or overhead, or perhaps your company has regulatory or technological improvement needs.

After careful observation and analysis of a current system, the operations improvement experts at RETTEW can recommend new processes or systems — or help you optimize existing ones. We’ll spot inefficiencies both in your production processes and administrative workflow — from machine recalibration to improved project (and people) management. Our process engineers excel at seeing the big picture, as well as in honing in on the intricate details of the puzzle.

Our vast service offerings mean we employ engineers that specialize in areas ranging from energy to manufacturing — we use that expertise to help your operations become more efficient, sustainable, and profitable.

Process engineering can make a major, positive impact on your bottom line. RETTEW is known for its creative problem-solving; let us engineer you a better solution.

Process Engineering Specialties:

  • Debottlenecking and Capacity Evaluations
  • Process Modification Modeling
  • Pilot Testing and System Trials
  • Equipment Selection and Procurement Strategies