The more our civilization grows, the more fuel we need on a daily basis. Historically, the economic giant of the U.S. relied on imported oil and natural gas to soar to new heights — but that dependence is loosening. From investing in the discovery of new sources to advanced technologies that allow for more efficient delivery, our domestic energy market has seen a resurgence — and we’re reaping the rewards of investing in our own natural resources.

Your staff bring a great attitude and unbelievable work ethic. The project team ensures they exceed expectations — projects often come in under budget and are complete on time.
– Thomas, Energy Client

Since energy is so important to our lives, this renaissance in energy production has positively impacted the macro economy and the microcosm of individual families. To the everyday observer, the energy we need for power and for comfort simply appears when we need it — but there’s an enormous amount of effort involved, from exploration to building an efficient delivery system.

Upstream and midstream companies rely on the expertise of engineering consultants to support operations, from extraction and storage to environmental monitoring, geological investigation, and routing designs. RETTEW’s oil and gas consultants, engineers, and environmental experts are here to assist energy clients with those needs and more, including planning for land use, handling permitting, ensuring regulatory compliance, and upholding safety procedures. Developing and distributing energy is an important responsibility, one that requires a steadfast strategy, even in times of market change and vacillating public opinion.

Energy development and delivery is a significant venture, and RETTEW helps our clients protect and maintain their interests and investments. We do this through not only staying on time and on budget, but also by adhering to the most stringent of safety standards. Our proactive approach helps you foresee challenges before they become problems — and find the appropriate solutions.

Successful oil exploration projects open new opportunities for literally fueling our economy, and by investing in our country’s natural resources and infrastructure, we become less reliant on imports. RETTEW is your partner in advancing your foothold in the ever-growing energy field.

Our concerns are your concerns. We value safety, quick turnaround, and around-the-clock responsiveness. Just as energy consumers feel comfort just knowing the heat and fuel they need is a click away, our oil and gas clients can rest assured we’re here to keep things running smoothly.

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