Energy is vital to our existence. It keeps us safe and warm in cold weather. It fuels our cars and appliances. It powers utilities that keep our communities buzzing. We’d have a hard time functioning—even surviving—without the natural resources that support our everyday needs.

Energy companies around the world, including U.S.-based oil and gas exploration and production firms (E&Ps), are tasked with keeping the public supplied with essential resources. Along with that comes challenges: today, the public keeps a close watch on oil and gas development. This calls for innovative E&P solutions that minimize environmental impact while serving communities that rely on energy for everything they do.

I consistently push to get me information and permits I need, and RETTEW never fails to get them back to me in a timely manner.
– Burke Grove, Ascent Resources

That’s where RETTEW comes in. With locations in the heart of several shale regions, we understand the complexities and sense of urgency required within the upstream industry. We outline the risks and benefits of a drill site, find and develop water sources, quickly complete all necessary permitting, and perform all the due diligence and planning needed to bring operations online. Throughout this process, we focus on speed, coordination, and better solutions to save time and money.

Adding to the intricacies of an already-complicated industry, each region presents its own topography, as well as political and environmental nuances. For example, in the Northeast, regulations maintain a strict tether on upstream development, and in the South, finding and developing water resources can add to the project timeline. When you partner with RETTEW, you benefit from our well-developed regulatory relationships; we know exactly what permits are required and how to move them through the system as quickly as possible. We also have expertise guiding the buildout of water infrastructure to fit a client’s strategic plan for a region.

A clean, abundant, and cost-effective fuel source, natural gas has helped kick-start an industrial renaissance, and with manufacturing coming back to the U.S., natural gas exports are poised to boost the economy even further. RETTEW is here to help you discover and deliver this precious resource with the utmost care for the environment and our communities.