Subdivisions that house hundreds of families. Bustling downtown shopping districts. Office complexes that dozens of businesses call home. Developments, large and small, can be found throughout our cities and towns — they’re where we live, where we work, where we relax.

RETTEW provides land planning and site engineering consulting services in the residential and commercial markets, and we specialize in mixed-use projects that bring these two disciplines together. Before ground is ever broken on a new residential or commercial project, our land planners, site designers, and landscape architects are hard at work locating and analyzing properties, concepting plans, and securing the proper permits. From conducting feasibility studies to leading local meetings, our experts work with developer clients to ensure everything — from beginning to end — is handled with care.

We were very impressed with the completeness and thoroughness of the plan submission package, RETTEW really did a fantastic job. – Vice President – Development, High Real Estate Group, LLC

Our 50+ years of experience in residential and commercial development has led to solid relationships with permitting agencies at all levels of government, and proficiency in safety and environmental compliance. We don’t just focus on the tract of land that will transform into a new residential or commercial development — it’s also about smart growth, about fitting into the existing surroundings as seamlessly as possible. That means considering the project’s impact on wildlife, waterways, local traffic, and utilities.

For us, development projects are more than just providing a practical, functional space; it’s about creating an experience. It’s more than just designing a shopping complex with an anchor store or an apartment complex with x-amount of units — it’s also about landscaping, walking paths, common areas, and other elements that make for a distinct atmosphere. Thinking big picture is where we shine — and why our projects result in client delight.

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