Highways and roadways connect people to places, widgets to warehouses. As communities grow and thrive and manufacturing continues to rise in the U.S., so does the need to expand, upgrade, and maintain our transportation infrastructure.

Over the past four decades, RETTEW’s transportation engineers have designed or rehabilitated hundreds of highways for state departments of transportation, turnpike commissions, county and local governments, and contractors. Our work has been recognized by several professional organizations, including the American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE). Our engineers have completed everything from corridor improvements to traffic calming and streetscape projects for local boroughs.

RETTEW understands the challenges of aging infrastructure and tight budgets, and we’ve become known for delivering fiscally responsible solutions and efficient designs. Our in-depth understanding of current regulations and procedures, as well as established relationships with the Federal Highway Administration, state DOTs, departments of environmental protection, and local- and state-level agencies allow our projects to run smoothly.

Ahead of the curve and alternate routes.

It’s not enough to plan for today; the transportation experts at RETTEW consider future growth and development — for instance, what’s coming down the pike that would affect us in 20 years? To help our clients find the best, most cost-effective and sustainable solutions, we explore creative, unconventional methods to meet modern roadway challenges — maybe a roundabout or a divergent diamond interchange would be more efficient than a traditional solution.

Our holistic approach to highway and roadway projects allows us to balance safety, mobility, and transportation needs with the desire to preserve scenic, historic, environmental, and community assets.

Highways and Roadways Specialties: