We’re living longer, retiring later. It’s easier than ever before to manage and treat chronic conditions. Scientists have discovered cures for once debilitating or life-threatening illnesses. The impossible already seems possible — it’s hard to imagine what’s next on the healthcare horizon.

These technological advancements and societal shifts mean unprecedented changes in how we practice medicine—and how we build, expand, and manage our facilities. RETTEW’s healthcare development group has decades of experience in planning hospitals, outpatient care centers, medical offices, memory care facilities, and assisted living and retirement communities — the latter of which blends our residential development and healthcare expertise.

Quality of care starts with design.

Patients want a warm, welcoming, stress-free experience. Medical and administrative professionals want modern work spaces that promote productivity. At RETTEW, we take the needs of our clients—and the happiness of their clients — into careful consideration. Quality of care is heightened by thoughtful design, from overall construction down to the smallest details such as soft lighting, comfortable waiting areas, and pristine landscapes.

At RETTEW, we understand the balancing act with which today’s medical providers are faced: providing quality service in state-of-the-art facilities, while minimizing cost to the patients and managing public perception. Our healthcare development team provides guidance through site planning, zoning approvals, permitting investigations and submissions, and the optimal land use design that maximizes budgets while keeping the patient experience a priority.

A booming generation, a booming industry.

RETTEW is at the forefront of emerging retirement community trends—as baby boomers prepare to downsize, they desire places where they can lead active, independent lives with convenient access to necessary care. We think big picture when we approach continuous care retirement communities (CCRCs) — comfortable housing, sprawling green spaces, adequate and accessible pathways, gathering places, recreational areas, and healthcare facilities. When existing CCRCs experience an increased demand, our healthcare site planning and land development team can help expand their footprint while fitting into the current landscape and infrastructure.

Thank you for your speedy response and expertise put forth during the recent water quality dilemma. Your efforts were above and beyond. – President and CEO, Ellenville Regional Hospital

At RETTEW, we understand the key stages of senior living healthcare and that specific needs will evolve over time; our expertise encompasses independent personal and memory care facilities. The RETTEW team thrives on finding the right sites and developing the right plans in times of growth, change, and discovery. Our headquarters in Lancaster, PA, is home to one of the highest concentrations of CCRCs.

Whether a peaceful village that offers its residents recreational, social, cultural, wellness, and educational opportunities, or planning an outpatient complex serving a wide array of medical needs, RETTEW is ready to design and implement solutions to keep our communities stronger and residents living longer.