Home is more than an address, more than a structure on a lot or a unit in a building; it also means community, a sense of belonging. Home is a feeling: a notion we help developers keep in mind.

Today’s residential developments are more than just places to live; they’re safe, sustainable, and walkable communities featuring mixed housing types, green spaces, recreational amenities, and easy access to shopping and services.

RETTEW’s team of landscape architects, civil engineers, and environmental consultants work alongside residential developers to bring innovative ideas to life. By putting ourselves in the homeowner’s shoes, we design mixed-used developments for people of all stages of life to live and enjoy, whether it’s a single-family home, a duplex, an apartment building, or a retirement community.

With the competing needs of homeowners, cost impacts, regulatory requirements, and community concerns, RETTEW’s extensive background in land development and environmental planning brings an experienced voice to residential projects.

Integral to the design of today’s neighborhoods is a responsibility to our communities and the environment. RETTEW provides inventive, cost-effective solutions for stormwater infrastructure, often incorporating landscaping and recreational features into the plan. We also consider parking and traffic flow, and we navigate permitting approvals, helping our clients avoid unforeseen hurdles.

RETTEW often leverages an area’s existing landscape and historic landmarks, protecting and preserving — and sometimes restoring — these natural features and historic gems as part of the strategy. Our designed communities can feature parks, nature conservancies, bike trails, walking paths, sustainable lighting, performance spaces, gathering places, and other attractive or practical elements that enhance a way of life for your residents.

We develop the kind of peaceful, inviting communities that active adults want to call home.