Keep it flowing.

Think back to some of our country’s earliest settlements. Imagine a tiny village at the base of a river valley, or a picturesque town on the shores of a wooded lake. People settled near these natural features because they needed access to water — to drink, to clean, to irrigate, to care for animals, and even for transportation and fishing. Whether a sparkling stream or roaring river, where there was water, there was potential.

Today, thanks to technology and innovative design, even the most remote communities can have access to water. And no longer is water only for survival — it creates energy and powers industrial processes. As populations grow and communities expand, our demand for water is ever-increasing. Discovering and nurturing adequate water sources is becoming more imperative than ever before.

Water resourcing is a highly technical process, one that requires a team of trained professionals. RETTEW has all the expertise you need to embark on a search for water: geologists, hydrogeologists, biologists, geotechnical investigators, surveyors, and GIS mapping technicians. After a source of water is found, the work continues: survey, data collection and analysis, site planning and design, permitting, compliance, and implementation. Because RETTEW is seasoned in many areas of water infrastructure, during the resourcing process we consider the entire system—from origination point to storage to delivery to the end user.

While a lot has changed since the earliest communities laid the foundation for today’s society, one thing hasn’t: our country’s infrastructure cannot survive without enough water. RETTEW helps communities, authorities, and businesses harness the power of this element — and that all starts with water resourcing.