The source of life.

When you turn on your faucet to brush your teeth in the morning, or to fill a big pot to cook spaghetti for dinner, you might not immediately consider the journey that water took to get to your kitchen.

More than two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered by water — making it seem like an incredibly abundant resource. However, most of our planet’s water is found in our oceans, which means only a small fraction of this element springs from freshwater sources. Naturally occurring, clean, safe drinking water is quite limited. To ensure a plentiful supply requires extensive planning and effort, beginning with engineering.

Water: quantity and quality.

Clean drinking water is important not just to public health, but also to our quality of life. When we’re hydrated, we’re healthy. When we’re surrounded by clean, gleaming spaces, we’re happy. As our communities expand and populations grow, we’re in need of adequate resources more than ever.

RETTEW helps companies and organizations invest in water infrastructure, from providing rural communities with safe drinking water to ensuring urban treatment facilities are reliable. We work closely with regulatory agencies as standards continue to evolve, making certain your projects comply not only with today’s water quality requirements, but tomorrow’s as well.

Many steps, many sources.

RETTEW aids our clients in every step of the drinking water treatment process, from locating and developing water sources and securing necessary permits to designing storage and distribution systems. We also help our clients with annual reporting, regulatory compliance, and maintenance or management.

As our water supplies become more scarce, the need for additional water sources, especially in drought-prone areas, is critical. We help our clients seek outsource and treatment solutions that may include seawater, groundwater, wastewater, surface water, and brackish — all of which can be turned into safe drinking water through environmental engineering processes such as desalination, filtration, aeration, or sedimentation.

Water is one of our most basic human needs, and communities are obligated to provide this necessity to their residents. We help our clients fulfill that need by finding safe, efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable drinking water solutions, from source to faucet.