Water is perhaps the most precious natural resource on our planet. Without it, we would not exist. Water is not only essential to human, animal, and plant life, it’s also crucial to manufacturing, transportation, commercial businesses, energy, healthcare, and other important industries.

The collection, treatment, storage, conveyance, and delivery of water encompasses many complex systems, processes, and regulations. And as our communities grow and our ecosystem evolves, it can become more challenging to find, build, manage, and maintain our water infrastructure.

Just as the water cycle in nature connects all forms of this vital element, our water systems are closely integrated and, in fact, depend upon one another. That’s why RETTEW offers solutions in many key areas of water infrastructure, whether making sure our cities and towns have access to safe drinking water or ensuring our streams and rivers are protected during developmental projects.

Since you have been here, you have brought organization, awareness, and professionalism. Our borough council and authority members have the utmost confidence in you!  
– John Epley, Manager, Shippensburg Borough

We partner with our clients to implement water reuse strategies, improve aging infrastructure, plan for growth, and prepare for drought and other conditions that make water more scarce. It’s more than engineering, designing, and implementing efficient water solutions; it’s also about receiving sound guidance from experts in environmental policies and regulations. We help our clients make sense of local, state, and federal laws and adhere to the most up-to-date best practices.

Water equals life: there’s nothing much truer than that statement. That’s why we offer water-related engineering solutions in these areas:
Water resources
Water reuse
Drinking water