Every second, every minute, and every hour of every day power is being produced and distributed. From generation stations to overhead power lines and underground cables, ‘the grid’ is a vast, complex network — a system that nearly everyone depends upon.

About two-thirds of generated power is lost before it even gets to end users, simply due to inefficient transmission and distribution systems. Yet we know you’re looking for just the opposite — increased efficiency. RETTEW’s engineering consultants help our clients find and implement sustainable power generation solutions, whether it’s working with traditional operations or seeking out alternative sources and delivery methods.

We worked very closely with RETTEW for an energy study, which will have national impact. They gave us a competitive edge.  -Brigadier General, Michigan Army National Guard Camp Grayling


Increased demand, evolving regulations, aging infrastructure, and advanced technology necessitate continually evolving strategies for power suppliers. RETTEW’s experts keep our clients apprised of changes and help them plan for asset upgrades and improvements, updated operational processes, and other considerations. We also know that in times of severe weather or other incidents interrupting energy delivery, your consumers want service restored sooner than later.

End-users — households and businesses — are looking for affordable, quality service. You can trust the experts at RETTEW to help your operations remain as efficient as possible while supporting critical updates and researching sustainable power generation solutions. This way, your customers are getting the most reliable, affordable service available.

Learn more about our work in the power market:

Renewable energy.

With a movement to reduce our carbon footprint and a push for important facilities to decrease reliance on the grid, more and more people are looking for ways to conserve energy. From a generation perspective, this means seeking out innovative solutions for, literally, harnessing the power of alternative energy sources such as wind, water, the sun, and even waste. Learn more.

Regulated utilities.

Our communities rely heavily on the services provided by our local and regional utility companies, from keeping the lights on in public spaces to providing electricity to power our homes and factories. Additionally, as demand increases on our aging systems, utilities are looking to technologies such as energy storage to improve operations. Learn more about how we help regulated utilities.