Rising populations means increased energy consumption. Today, more than ever before, utilities, industrial operations, and local governments of all sizes are looking to improve the way we manage and use (and reuse) our resources.

RETTEW is a recognized expert in the waste-to-energy realm. We help our clients explore, design, and implement sustainable solutions, including biogas (via anaerobic and aerobic digesters). During facility design or upgrade projects, our team can include processes to capture, reuse, or redirect output. For example, energy that’s normally released (like heat) can instead be captured and used to power the same facility, an efficiency that has extreme impact on cutting costs and reducing a carbon footprint.

Our expertise in energy efficiency includes a deep knowledge of commoditizing and monetizing waste-to-energy efforts — a way to benefit both the environment and the bottom line. For example, waste from a water treatment facility can create biogas — which can then be transformed into liquid fuel and sold at the pump. If you don’t know where to start with converting energy into a sellable product, our engineers can help you navigate the growing marketplace of energy credits.

Embarking on sustainability projects like these is certainly an investment, and there is often private funding available — we have in-house expertise in this area, along with ready-made connections to draw on. Our project financing team at RETTEW can assist you in locating relevant partnerships and programs.

Our clients are often passionate about sustainability, including waste-to-energy and all its benefits, from financial to environmental. We’re just as excited about renewable energy and are proud to excel in this area.

Waste-To-Energy Specialties:

  • Biogas Cleaning and Utilization
  • Biogas Generation and Anaerobic
  • Combined Heat and Power (Co-generation)
  • Facility Design
  • Feedstock Analysis for Anaerobic Digestion
  • Optimization and Operational Troubleshooting
  • Pipeline Injection and Resale
  • Project Feasibility and Conceptual Design
  • Renewable Compressed Natural Gas