Simply put, community and economic development projects need funding to move forward. In a day of tighter budgets and rising costs, putting ideas into action is even more of a challenge. But project financing doesn’t have to be a roadblock: communities can find opportunities by pursuing outside funding, including grants, bonds, and state, revolving, and private funds.

The project financing professionals at RETTEW work with clients to explore traditional, creative, and alternative funding sources that match your project needs — and guide you through the application process. But it’s more than completing paperwork — we’re your partner in funding strategy. We get to know every financial aspect of your proposed project, help you define your fiscal goals, assist with budgeting, provide capital asset evaluations or rate studies, and can piece together multiple funding sources for a project.

Not every engineering firm can say they’re experts at writing a solid grant application — at RETTEW, we excel in this area. Through our analysis, research, and attention to detail, we’ve secured more than $272 million in funding for our clients.

RETTEW was a big help in the City of Williamsport’s success obtaining a $3 million state grant for downtown economic projects. – City Councilman Jonathan Williamson, City of Williamsport

We’re well versed in funding programs and the requirements and procedures that go along with them. For example, P3 resources — or private-public partnerships — offer a viable solution for financing infrastructure projects. Our relationships with the program staff members at various funding agencies and private programs as well as our experience working with and for local and state governments give us an edge — keen understanding that helps us secure resources to get your project off the ground.

It’s becoming more common for private organizations and investors to fill the funding gap created by reduced federal and state budgets; many communities or agencies can now turn to private investors for capital for infrastructure or energy-related projects. The project funding team at RETTEW can help you explore these options.

Grant funding opportunities.



We can help you make your project a reality.

Project Funding Specialties:

  • Funding Application Preparation
  • Funding Partnerships Identification
  • Funding Resources Roundtable
  • Grant Contract Administration
  • Project Sources and Uses Assessment
  • Project Case Statements
  • Project Definition/Development
  • Project Funding Strategy