From the smallest rural borough to a large, capital city, one thing is certain: we want our communities to prosper. Governing bodies at all levels and sizes must look out for their residents and resources. This entails many moving parts, from providing drinking water and energy to maintaining roads and facilities.

Leading a community is a responsibility with many challenges, including budgeting, upholding public trust, and, often, leading many stakeholders to common ground.

We understand. RETTEW partners with government officials at the local, county, and state level—as well as with public authorities and agencies — to define, plan, and implement strategic projects. These efforts can include cost analysis, funding, zoning and compliance plans, environmental protection considerations, public discussions, managing bids, permitting and approvals, transportation concerns, and other necessary steps along the way. As an engineer of record, we can also help thriving municipalities maintain the status quo— keeping things operating smoothly and efficiently.

As federal funds become harder to come by, it’s more important than ever to manage fiscal resources, and that means planning with sustainability in mind. Our civil engineers are creative problem solvers, up for the challenge of helping you improve, upgrade, and advance your existing infrastructure, systems, technologies, facilities, and/or developments — we’ll work tirelessly to find a solution that meets your needs, budget, and timeline.

Often, the difference between having an idea and actually breaking ground is all about access to one vital resource: money. RETTEW has more than four decades of experience in pursuing grants and other funding sources for our public sector and nonprofit clients. This expertise, along with efficient and cost-effective planning, can help you bring a seemingly impossible goal to fruition.

Your community has needs — sometimes critical ones. RETTEW is here to help local governments realize and reach their potential, satisfying citizens.

We offer government consulting in the following areas:

Local government consulting.

From economic development to day-to-day management, local officials must plan, build, and nurture our communities. Learn more.

State and county government consulting.

The public relies heavily on state and county government. Major infrastructure, such as transportation, is often handled at this level. Learn more.

Public utility and authority engineers.

Our local communities depend on public utilities for many things, including clean drinking water and sewer system management. Learn more.