Just as roadways intersect, so do the many responsibility levels of maintaining infrastructure. In fact, it can be quite complicated to keep track of who has jurisdiction over what when it comes to roads, highways, bridges, natural areas, and public lands. State and county governments often control these assets — and they’re faced with many challenges, including budget constraints, legislation, and environmental factors.

RETTEW offers state and county engineering and planning consulting services to help keep things running smoothly and efficiently, from capital improvement projects to preserving historic treasures.

Transportation is a major part of state and county maintenance and improvement budgets. Whether it’s designing a new exit ramp, reinforcing bridges to keep the public safe, or expanding an airport terminal, RETTEW’s engineers are here to keep state Departments of Transportation and county-funded transportation projects on budget and on time.

We understand that large-scale planning with these agencies can involve many stakeholders: local and state officials, residents, funding and regulatory agencies, environmental organizations, public utility and service authorities, and more. RETTEW, with close to five decades of experience and many strategic partnerships, helps engage with and respond to these many voices, driving a project to satisfactory completion in the most cost-effective way possible.

As communities continue to grow and budget concerns arise, strategic planning is becoming more important than ever before. RETTEW’s engineers and planners can help states and counties plan for smart expansion. We provide valuable, reliable guidance to help government officials anticipate and address short- and long-term needs of the public, from transportation and environmental due diligence, to land planning and engineering designs.