The stadium lights shining brightly during a high school football game. Streetlamps illuminating our paths at night. The bus transporting our children to and from school each day. Power brightens and fuels our lives.

No matter where we live or work, regulated utilities play a major role in our day-to-day lives. Electric and natural gas utility companies are charged with generating, maintaining, and/or delivering the energy we need to power our homes, schools, vehicles, and work places — affordably and with minimal interruption.

The energy market continues to evolve. Deregulation, an increased interest in renewable resources (such as wind, solar, and geothermal), and new legislation mean today’s utility companies must be adaptable. RETTEW helps our clients stay up-to-date by modernizing not just infrastructure, but also processes; we help operators and their employees update operations, safety procedures, and training programs.

[You’ve] been doing a great job with communicating and completing tasks. It’s great to work with a well-managed team like yours.
– Energy Client

As metropolitan areas see a resurgence, suburban development continues to expand, industrial manufacturing rebounds, and population increases, we have a need for more power than ever before. This creates a need for additional infrastructure and new power sources, such as compressed natural gas. RETTEW can help you with surveying, system design, planning, permitting, subsurface utility engineering, and other needs of this growing sector.

No one likes to open the mailbox and find their electric or gas bill waiting for them, but we wouldn’t want to live without these conveniences. Power provides enjoyment, keeps us warm and safe, and makes nearly everything we do possible.