The cycle of life.

Our health and well-being rely on water. When you live in the developed world, it’s easy to take for granted our access to abundant, clean drinking water, or properly functioning indoor plumbing!

We typically don’t think about how that clean water is treated and transported to our homes, or where that wastewater goes and what happens to it. It’s a complicated process with many moving parts. Our water systems require specialized engineering, innovative design, and efficient management processes, all of which must follow stringent health and safety standards and regulations.

This is where our public utilities come in. These local organizations provide us with clean drinking water. They manage our sewer systems. And they filter and treat our wastewater. We couldn’t live without them.

RETTEW’s engineers help public utilities remain cost-effective and energy-efficient so customers experience exceptional service with fewer rate increases. We help water management facilities plan for growth and upgrades, from feasibility studies and funding options to overseeing construction. RETTEW also considers ways in which these processes can be more environmentally friendly, such as water reuse or renewable energy options. Additionally, we help our public utility clients educate their customers on how these systems work and their importance to the greater community.

[RETTEW] has provided excellent administrative, planning, and implementation services. We attribute our success of providing a solid and reliable service to working with RETTEW.
– Geno Torri, Chairman, Shippensburg Borough Authority

Water and wastewater utilities are vital to our livelihood. RETTEW’s utility engineers play a critical role in designing, maintaining, and upgrading infrastructure our communities need to survive.