The roads you drive on. The hospital your children were born in. Your office building. The heat you switch on during the first chilly night of the year. Engineering is interconnected, and it impacts virtually everything in our lives, from our physical surroundings to technologies we can’t see or touch.

RETTEW has close to five decades of engineering consulting experience. Our expertise is vast and varied — we provide insight to client companies in the public and private sectors in many areas, including transportation, energy, industrial, and development.

RETTEW stays at the forefront of changes in evolving industries such as water systems, telecommunications, utilities, renewable energy, and commercial development. As technologies shift and policies develop, you can rest assured our respected safety consultants and visionary technical experts are always considering the big picture; we ensure we’re meeting today’s needs and regulations, while (re)imagining tomorrow’s possibilities.

Building community, literally, is also important to us. RETTEW has served as the engineer of record for more than 150 local governments and authorities. We help these entities improve their infrastructure, preserve their history, maintain roads and public utilities, and keep traffic flowing.

With the depth and breadth of our engineering experience, we’re able to provide customized, integrated solutions spanning a multitude of national verticals.