Quality of life matters.

We’re proud of the culture we’ve built at RETTEW.

We’re a team of creative visionaries who are deeply committed to supporting each other and our communities. We’re problem-solvers who work hard at designing, developing, and implementing solutions — and who also work hard to improve the lives of those around us, whether through charitable giving or volunteering.

We’re innovators, always rethinking how we do things — we empower our people to help our firm evolve, to challenge the status quo.

We believe in doing the right thing. We keep promises, we meet deadlines, we keep safety first. We respect the environment, and we’re committed to sustainability.

We’re collaborators; our team members genuinely enjoy working with each other and our clients. Camaraderie and the spirit of cooperation is alive and well at RETTEW.

RETTEW is committed to fostering a climate and culture where all differences are recognized, valued, and respected to create a sense of authentic belonging. This allows everyone the opportunity to achieve success at RETTEW, and allows individuals to fully participate in processes, activities, and decision-making in a way that shares power and responsibility.

As a community, RETTEW fosters a supportive work environment that values all cultures where employee-owners at every level of the organization feel engaged, empowered, and a sense of belonging to fully contribute.

As a 100% ESOP, we have a unique workplace and ownership culture that guides how we support employees, interact with clients, and serve our communities. Our employee owners are engaged, and they go the extra mile to create tangible value for the business, and ultimately themselves.

The culture at RETTEW is just as important as the work we do, and it’s a driving force in our success.

You are the most honest and ethical firm we have ever dealt with, and you handle things immediately.
– Energy Client

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Core Values
Our core values empower our people and drive everything we do.

Our people are devoted to the communities and causes they care about.

We’re committed to safety.