A safe work environment is paramount.

Safety is a way of life at RETTEW. At the job site. In our offices. On the road.

Our goal is zero workplace incidents: no personal injury, no damage to assets. We’re steadfast in our devotion to safety education and integration into our daily lives.

But policies and safety measures aren’t just part of a handbook or something to check off a list; it’s what we do – every day. RETTEW employees are committed to looking out for one another and for our clients. We care deeply about personal well-being, we respect property and equipment, and we care for the environment.

Thank you for your dedication and involvement in making our business a success. You provide excellent work…and are so engaged in our safety program…
– David, Natural Gas Client

As one of our firm’s core values, safety is embedded into everything we do. This focus on safety protects what matters most: people.

Sharing the excellence.

Our commitment to a culture of safety goes well beyond internal best practices and programs. RETTEW established our safety consulting division with the welfare of our clients and their investments in mind. This team—with a combined expertise of 130 years—delivers essential safety information to organizations through more than 70 workplace safety programs. Our clients often tell us our trainings are the most engaging and interactive they’ve attended.

Check out one of our safety videos!