Pharmaceutical Manufacturer On-Site Safety Consulting

Safety is a top priority for this pharmaceutical manufacturer, so when two vitally important environmental health and safety (EHS) positions at their facility were vacated, the safety of both the employees and the facility were at risk. The client hired RETTEW to help maintain their top-notch safety standards and carefully monitor the day-to-day EHS operations.

We extensively surveyed the facility for compliance with applicable safety regulations and executed a site-specific health and safety plan (HASP) to begin cultivating a culture of safety and responsibility. As part of the HASP, RETTEW conducted regular safety meetings to train site personnel on safety-related skills and to align employee standard operating procedures with regulatory agency requirements. Additional training included fire extinguisher, scissor/aerial lift, fall protection, inspection processes, and OSHA regulations. Our on-site staff provided coverage for all three shifts, including weekends, for a combined total of about 40 hours per week, putting in any additional hours necessary to ensure that we addressed employee safety questions and concerns. RETTEW has also provided emergency response services for a few on-site incidents. Since RETTEW began managing the EHS operations, the facility’s incident rates, as well as its lost work time rates, have seen a noticeable decrease. We are bringing safety awareness to the forefront at this facility — not only to prevent and eliminate workplace incidents, but also to equip and empower employees with the proper behavioral safety protocol.


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