At RETTEW, our core values guide every decision, fuel every project, and empower every employee.

Expertise and ability are only part of what make our firm successful: It’s steadfast commitment to these beliefs that drives our people to exceed expectations, and the result is consistent client delight.

RETTEW’s project management, communication, and dedication to our timeline was excellent. They treated the project like their own. – Kate Donnelly, Operations and Planning Manager, Longwood Gardens.

RETTEW’s core values:

Act Like an Owner

  • Being responsible and accountable
  • Demonstrating business acumen for financial success
  • Fostering loyalty, trust, and honesty
  • Working safely, collaboratively, and productively
  • Committing to personal and organizational success
  • Maintaining high morals and ethical standards

Value Relationships

  • Connecting and engaging internally and externally
  • Respecting and trusting one another
  • Communicating openly and clearly
  • Nurturing the growth of coworkers
  • Listening and acknowledging
  • Collaborating as a team

Exemplify Excellence

  • Committing to high standards
  • Delivering quality products and services
  • Being responsive to coworkers and clients
  • Keeping promises and maintaining integrity
  • Maintaining and demonstrating industry knowledge
  • Learning from experiences, both good and bad