Enola Low Grade Rail Trail – Safe Harbor Trestle Bridge Rehabilitation

Built in 1905, standing 140 feet high and stretching 1,560 feet over the Conestoga River, the Safe Harbor Trestle Bridge is one of the longest, highest bridge structures in Lancaster County. It is currently being rehabilitated and is one of Pennsylvania’s top 10 priority trail gaps. The bridge is the only direct route to connect the last two sections of the regionally significant Enola Low Grade Rail Trail, which will result in approximately 30 miles of continuous trail. It is an important part of a 50-mile proposed statewide major greenway. Manor Township acquired the abandoned rail corridor to both preserve a part of railroading history and to maintain its significant natural beauty.

RETTEW completed an inspection and evaluation of the bridge and prepared plans to complete the rehabilitation and redecking for a 21-foot-wide pedestrian walkway. We helped secure funding for the $7.5 million project, and are providing a full complement of services for both the rail trail and bridge rehabilitation. The rail trail provides access to conservation and educational resources and helps promote cultural and heritage tourism in the area. The rehabilitation of the Safe Harbor Bridge will not only spur economic development along the trail, but will also be an attractive destination for tourists and rail trail enthusiasts alike.


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