Engleside Intersection Improvements (1999)


Engleside intersection was an unsafe, complex, five-legged signalized intersection in Lancaster County, PA. There were 13 serious accidents at this site within three years. RETTEW helped obtain grants totaling more than $300,000, and combined traditional traffic and highway engineering with state-of-the-art signalization technology to improve the efficiency and safety of the intersection. We also made sure the major water and sewer facilities were still accessible. The project was completed for less than the estimated costs.

Bethany Village Community Expansion (2002)


A 25-year-old continuous care community, Bethany Village needed to expand and enhance its facilities on a 120-acre property. RETTEW conducted a feasibility study, a utility analysis, and a general site development evaluation. We then provided consulting and engineering services, including civil engineering, site work, and construction specifications for a 230,000-SF facility expansion.

Village Grande (2006)


The owners wished to develop a new 264-unit active-adult community on a site containing a wooded stream corridor and associated floodplain. RETTEW drafted a new zoning regulation to create an overlay district in which all land development would follow a sustainable approach. We obtained a grant to restore Millers Run and designed a large passive wetland treatment system for stormwater management. RETTEW’s stream restoration design removed debris jams, regraded and stabilized stream banks, improved stream flow, and reduced soil erosion, complementing the major design for the village that includes walking and bike trails and open space.

Lancaster County Engineer (2012 – present)


Lancaster County, PA is more than 950 square miles with a population of more than 536,000 residents throughout 60 municipalities. In the role of County Engineer, RETTEW has provided review services for municipal planning, traffic engineering, transportation engineering, geotechnical investigations, stormwater management compliance, structural engineering, and many more. We have also been instrumental in developing and executing a bridge capital improvement program for all County-owned bridges, winning many awards for our work.

MIARNG Net Zero Feasibility Study (2013)


Federal agencies are reviewing operations to achieve more energy independent, energy secure, and economically and environmentally efficient facilities and sites. The Michigan Army National Guard contracted with RETTEW to study its Camp Grayling Joint Maneuver Training Center, the largest training center of its type east of the Mississippi River, covering nearly 150,000 acres. RETTEW delivered a report detailing several opportunities to use the Camp’s unique set of resources, including natural gas development to support an electrical generation plan, and woody and vegetative biomass as renewable fuels.

50 Years of Innovation

To commemorate our 50th anniversary, we’re showcasing our Top 10 Projects that have made a major impact for clients and communities over the last half century! These projects include work for local and federal government agencies, commercial and residential developers, industrial facilities, and private utilities. Since our founding in 1969, RETTEW’s expertise has expanded beyond 600 services, and you’ll see evidence of our leading traffic engineers, environmental engineers, community planners, landscape architects, surveyors, and land planners. Scroll down to learn more.

Fort Indiantown Gap GPS Control Boundary Survey (2001)


The Department of Military and Veteran Affairs needed a current boundary survey before upcoming development projects could proceed, and required a turnaround within 9 months. RETTEW provided first-order GPS control throughout the complex, including deed research and plotting, and completed a perimeter boundary survey of the 18,500-acre fort and 55 miles of rugged terrain. We worked closely with fort personnel to ensure the safety of the survey crews as the site remained open during our work.

Steel Mill Maintenance Services (2004 – present)


An industrial steel client needs to ensure its mill is fully operational at all times. When there is a problem in one part of the mill, it can idle the entire facility until the issue is resolved. RETTEW has acted as the facility’s on-site engineer for more than 15 years, solving complex facility maintenance issues and handling ongoing major work orders. Our staff performs crane, building, bridge, runway, furnace, and caster annual inspections, completes geotechnical, roadway, bridge, and environmental engineering projects, and reports out a structural repair list for elements of up to 230 tons.

Cumberland Valley Rail Trail (2006)


The client acquired a 10.75-mile abandoned railroad corridor in Cumberland Valley, PA, with the goal to develop it into a first-class regional recreation trail. They needed help acquiring financial resources and completing a design amid significant safety and design challenges. RETTEW developed a master plan and secured grants totaling nearly $1.2 million, incorporating community feedback while using cost-effective solutions.

Lime Spring Farm Mixed-Use Community Development (2013)


A prime 113-acre location in East Hempfield Township, PA, Lime Spring Farm is in a desirable school district and offers numerous nearby employment opportunities and easy access to major highways. RETTEW’s land planning team designed and obtained conditional use approval for Lime Spring Farm as a walkable, mixed-use community, while playing close attention to preserving and integrating the land’s natural characteristics and historic structures. The development plan includes 238 single-family, duplex, and multifamily homes and 20,000 SF of varied commercial lots.

Ben’s Run Pumping Station (2014)


As part of a large water system project, RETTEW provided services for two pumping facilities with 20 miles of buried pipeline between them. The project included extensive investigation, permitting, and engineering design services. The station is capable of moving 80 barrels of water per minute, or 3,360 gallons per minute, at a discharge pressure of 434 pounds per square inch. The pumping station features four 400-horsepower vertical turbine pumps and telemetry controls, and is equipped with a pig launcher and receiver to properly maintain it. We designed the pipeline with mixed materials to achieve proper pressure ratings in the challenging topography.