Max, a civil engineer in RETTEW’s Mechanicsburg, PA office, is retiring after 25 years with our firm.

Max rarely worked a 40-hour week, so that equates to more than 60,000 hours, a large portion of them spent at evening meetings with municipal clients.

Max is known for his commitment to mentoring – he focuses on helping others, not directing. He’s always been available to help meet a client need or cover a meeting for a coworker. Above and beyond that, Max always listened to his teammates, whether professional or personal conversations, and offered advice. He was known for always having an open door and being willing to drop everything to help or provide guidance.

Well-respected for his civil engineering skills, he employed a common-sense approach to his review work and his interactions with clients and coworkers. Within RETTEW, Max has been a role model in how he treated clients, being responsive and anticipating their needs. He knows the meaning of relationships and how important they are to RETTEW’s success. He was always willing to make time for clients or other industry connections.

Max will be sorely missed as he begins a very deserving retirement!