The sun now powers an important community asset in the State College, PA area.

The University Area Joint Authority, along with RETTEW and PACE Energy, LLC, formally opened a solar array at the Authority this week with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The 9-acre site includes 7,686 solar panel modules, and will provide about 32 percent of the electrical power needed to run the Authority’s facilities.

Serving about 50,000 customers in the State College area, the Authority is well known for its sustainable operations strategy. This project is another step to becoming a completely sustainable operation.

PACE Energy, LLC provided the funding for the project and owns the solar array, as part of the public-private partnership agreement.

RETTEW designed and managed the construction of the solar array installation. We are known for our work with utilities, particularly with renewable energy goals.

Infrastructure such as roads, bridges, power supply operations, and wastewater treatment facilities are the building blocks of our society. RETTEW is proud to work with many clients to create a more sustainable future for our communities!