Do you like the community you live and work in? Are there parks for recreation? Great restaurants? Lots of different people of all generations? Are commutes easy and job options available?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are a good Community Planner had a hand in making this a reality!

Community Planners work with municipalities, businesses, public agencies, and nonprofits to help create communities with lasting value. They lead efforts to leverage public and private funds to support business growth and job creation, and ensure economically resilient places.

Planners are known for their ability to balance the many needs and interests of all stakeholders, from senior citizens to children to those with disabilities, as well as business owners, elected officials, residents, and landlords. Community-wide decisions require careful understanding of many viewpoints through open conversations and thoughtful public outreach.

These professionals not only consider the impacts of today, but of the future as well. They don’t simply help identify a site for a new building, but consider how that placement affects the community’s safety, character, environment, and diversity.

RETTEW has long been known for our community planning, and we’ve worked with municipalities throughout Pennsylvania to create comprehensive plans and update zoning ordinances. We’re proud to be partially responsible for the thriving communities you live and work in!