RETTEW is your local site planning and design firm bringing more than 50 years of experience to your next construction project. Their expertise is wide and varied offering more than 600 engineering, environmental, surveying, planning, safety, and related consulting services in a range of markets. RETTEW will work to completely understand your vision for your project and then get to work. Their innovative approach means discovering solutions that may not have been thought of before—and finding more effective, efficient ways to put them into action.

Sourcewell is a self-supporting government purchasing cooperative that for more than 40 years has helped governments and public and non-profit agencies with contracting and purchasing solutions. Sourcewell provides contract purchasing solutions to approved vendors such as BlueScope Construction.

BlueScope Construction is the only design-build contractor to be awarded a Sourcewell contract, which encompasses turnkey, design-build services, site design and preparation, and installation services for both new facility construction and renovations. As a full-service design-build general contractor, BlueScope brings close to 30 years of building quality facilities for the public sector without litigation, liquidated damages, or terminations.