A new wastewater treatment plant will provide energy and reduce wear on a city’s infrastructure.

In Lebanon, Indiana, RETTEW is part of an initial agreement to build a 160,000-gallon-per-day high-strength wastewater pretreatment facility.

Our team will design the wastewater treatment facility, oversee its renewable energy production, and act as the contractor for the project, which will be owned and operated by PACE Energy, LLC. The site will process wastewater from Ken’s Foods, Inc.

Rather than sending wastewater from Ken’s Foods to the City of Lebanon’s wastewater treatment plant, the water will instead be processed at this new facility.

The wastewater treatment process will produce renewable energy in the form of natural gas, which will then be repurposed for regional use in compressed natural gas-fueled fleet vehicles.

PACE will contract with Veolia North America, LLC for the long-term operations of the facility. Work is targeted to begin in the fall, and be completed in late 2018.

“Improving the communities around us is part of RETTEW’s purpose. Working in tandem with PACE, the City of Lebanon, and Ken’s Foods, our partnership will benefit the entire region,” said RETTEW President and CEO Mark Lauriello.