The counties RETTEW serves are growing.

According to the Pennsylvania State Data Center, many counties that are home to RETTEW offices, and where we perform a lot of our work, are steadily adding residents.

Philadelphia County, the most populous county in the state, had the largest growth in numbers since 2010. Nearby counties were also near the top in numerical growth: Montgomery, Lancaster, Chester, and Lehigh Counties. RETTEW has an office in Montgomery County, serving the Philadelphia region; in Allentown, serving the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas; and we are headquartered in Lancaster County.

Cumberland County clocked in as the fastest growing county since 2010, which is where RETTEW’s Mechanicsburg, PA office is located.

Cumberland, Lancaster, and Lehigh Counties tied for the highest percentage gain from 2016 to 2017: 0.9 percent. Centre, Lehigh, Lebanon, and Lancaster Counties all experienced a percent gain since 2010 while also showing modest increases since 2016 estimates. RETTEW also has an office in State College, Centre County.

We’ve seen numerous projects in the transportation, industrial, energy, and development markets continue to move forward in these growing areas. These regions boast strong natural resources, thriving cities, local amenities, and engaged communities. RETTEW is proud to be integrated into so many flourishing communities!