Bob Krause

Senior Geophysicist

Recognizing that geophysics can be a very cost-effective tool to obtain information prior to the design and construction phases of a project, Bob Krause, Senior Geophysicist, enjoys using the science to better understand what cannot be seen. Since every project, site, and client is unique, adapting the approach to produce the best results for each situation keeps his work interesting.

When Bob isn’t locating sinkholes, finding underground utilities, or determining the depth-to-rock for the latest project, you most likely will still find him outdoors enjoying his favorite pastime, fishing.

Although his subsurface utility engineering work allows him to “see” what most people cannot, Bob does not admit to possessing a superpower. However, he jokingly suggests that someday he will travel to an active volcano to stick his finger in the flowing lava and become “Lava Finger!”


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