John Stipe

Vice President of Environmental and Geotechnology

As Vice President of Environmental and Geotechnology, John is responsible for the day-to-day operations, quality, performance, and client delight for geoenvironmental, geophysics, subsurface utility engineering (SUE), and natural sciences staff. He also manages SUE projects, including utility locating, utility mapping, CCTV video pipe inspection, and soft dig (test hole) excavation services.

Asked what interests him most about his job, John notes his enjoyment of discovering and diagnosing subsurface conditions, utilities, and structures. Because subsurface conditions are such an unknown variable in many cases, every project site is different. You never know what you are going to find – like the time a bull moose visited his basecamp while he was on a work assignment in Wyoming. “I don’t know if it was strange, scary, or just very cool, but it was quite memorable!”

Outside of work, John likes playing recreational ice hockey year-round, coaching youth soccer, and spending quality time with family. He also enjoys any opportunity to be outdoors, whether it’s relaxing at the beach, catching some waves, hiking, or playing tennis or a round golf. Next year, John plans to raise a clutch of ringneck pheasants and release them into the wild. First, though, he plans to consult RETTEW’s wildlife experts about a breeder’s license!

But ringneck pheasants aren’t the only kinds of “birds” John is passionate about. A World War II history buff, he has a special interest in warbirds, especially the B-24 Consolidated Liberator bomber. Several years ago, at an airshow, he was able to fly in one of the last operational B-24s. According to John, “It was awesome!”


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