Lynn Reed

Health, Safety & Environment Project Technician

After a 40-year career at Xerox, Lynn decided it was time for a change. Wanting to explore a new field, gain new knowledge, and have new experiences, she joined RETTEW in 2020 as a Project Technician, responsible for providing administrative and operational support to the Health, Safety & Environment team. Since then, as the “face” of the Safety group, Lynn has been busy assisting with fit testing, writing proposals, registering participants for training classes, and answering client questions as part of her various responsibilities.

Of course, it’s no surprise that she enjoys the fast-paced work because, in her downtime, Lynn is just as busy! Whether it is going on a long-distance run with friends, competing in a marathon, traveling on a “Mom & Nick’s excellent adventure” with her son, or spending days off with her one-year-old granddaughter, she embraces all that life offers in her pursuit of learning and trying something new.  Here Lynn is pictured with her dog, Baxter, when he successfully graduated from Obedience 1 training. Currently, they are enjoying participating in an agility training class together.


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