To complete detailed technical work you need two things: the right equipment and the right expertise.

Bill Steinhart, a senior geophysicist, has the right tools for the job as he helps a client prevent damage and decrease risk.

Bill is using an EM-31 terrain conductivity meter to investigate a possible undocumented landfill underground. Before a project starts and digging begins, it’s critical to locate utilities or other structures running beneath the project area. You can call 811 to mark public utilities, but they will only mark what’s recorded correctly on a map.

Public utility marking does not include privately owned underground utilities, abandoned lines, or inactive piping.

To make sure project owners have the assurance of safety before a project proceeds, RETTEW’s Subsurface Utility Engineering group steps in.

Bill pinpoints the exact location and types of underground lines or undocumented structures, and that information is integrated into paper or digital maps, depending on client needs. As projects move forward, project owners and developers know their workers will be safe and the project won’t fall off schedule by unknown underground issues!