Some things improve as they get older, but when it comes to our country’s aging infrastructure, the opposite is true. Water treatment plants, electric transmission lines, roads and bridges, and most utilities in the United States are decades old, some well beyond 50 years. Add extreme weather events and outdated technology to this issue, and the reality is our infrastructure is more and more susceptible to damage and failure with each passing day.

When inefficiencies develop from leaks, cracks, and other impairments in essential infrastructure, the cost to repair, replace, or upgrade them grows exponentially. Rather than reacting to natural disasters or other threats, careful planning and investment can help avoid things like outages, service disruptions, fires, and other incidents.

Through preventative maintenance, routine inspections and audits, sensors, monitoring systems, renewable energy options, and other means, RETTEW can help extend the lifespan of utilities and improve their performance or replace them in total if warranted. We recognize that not only do regulatory compliance changes and requirements play a role in this arena, but so do public health and safety. Our country’s infrastructure is too important to ignore at this point, and funding is available through federal grants and other programs to address this growing concern.

When you’re ready to talk through the potential issues facing your current systems and networks, please reach out to Jeremy Burger, RETTEW’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development, at 610-554-7330 or We can help you proactively address these challenges through grant writing, inspection and design, betterment/replacement, and other ancillary services, and turn this threat into an opportunity to improve your aging infrastructure.