Jonah Energy Alternative Energy Offset Analysis

Jonah Energy LLC operates one of the highest-producing natural gas fields in North America. Jonah Field, in the Green River Basin, is their most active gas-producing site. Oil and gas operations are limited by the amount of NOx and volatile organic compounds (VOC) generated, based on a predetermined emissions bank. Jonah Energy operations uses gas-driven compressors, pumps, and large-scale generators for gas extraction and required compression and drying processes.

RETTEW evaluated alternative energy methods and NOx reduction systems to reduce emissions for future expansion of Jonah’s gas production system. The evaluation involved an assessment of waste heat reduction, including possible capture and conversion to usable power for distribution to lower-NOx-emitting equipment. Other alternative energy methods were evaluated, including geothermal and solar. RETTEW performed the study and alternatives assessment on each major phase of Jonah Energy’s operations. Following development of viable alternatives, RETTEW performed a cost-benefit analysis to evaluate the implications of implementing each alternative. The evaluation process took into account estimated construction costs, operation costs, and the cost-benefit of increased production as a result of lower NOx generation.


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