RETTEW has recently earned status as a RAVS Plus Contractor by ISNetworld (ISN), the global leader in contractor and supplier management! ​

RAVS (Review and Verification Services) Plus is an audit tool that allows ISN to determine the validity of questions answered and documentation uploaded into a contractor’s account. To achieve this status, ISNetworld RAVS Plus conducted interviews with RETTEW to determine the company’s actual safety practices and ensure employees have the competencies, training, and qualifications require to perform their specified job duties. 

The RAVS Plus process was highly beneficial and helped us improve our overall safety culture and program. As a result of achieving RAVS Plus status, RETTEW is now honored to be an ISNetworld Featured Contractor!​​ Many of RETTEW’s current and future clients use ISNetworld to vet their contractors and suppliers.

ISN RAVS Plus Participant Logo.jpg