When the Penn Manor Middle School football team in Lancaster County, PA, wanted to volunteer in the community, Manor Township partnered with its engineer, RETTEW, to engage the students in stormwater awareness for the community.

The football team and its leadership spent a Saturday afternoon in the fall working with the township’s public works department to place 100 “No Dumping” placards on stormwater inlets (drains) throughout the township.

“I really appreciate the enthusiasm of the crew who was so eager and willing to serve our local community,” said Mark Harris, the township’s director of public works. “Clean water matters to all of us.”

The football team’s leaders wanted to teach the students the importance of playing a part in the larger community, provide an opportunity to give back to the public, and offer a sense of empowerment. The township was actively searching for a volunteer group to place markers on stormwater inlets in neighborhoods experiencing illegal dumping.

The students first listened to a brief presentation by RETTEW on stormwater issues and how the public can help, such as keeping all substances out of storm drains, planting rain gardens, and avoiding the use of fertilizers. The students learned how the markers help to deter harmful materials heading into local streams and waterways.

The students worked in three groups, placing the markers where stormwater inlets discharge to the Little Conestoga Creek, including the Georgetown Hills, Bowling Green, and Woodgate neighborhoods.