Two careers are coming to a close after many years of devoted, faithful service.

Ron Horst, Senior Project Surveyor, has been with RETTEW for 34 years.

Sandy Bock, Payroll Specialist, has been with the firm for more than 18 years.

Both are retiring at the end of 2018.


The word that comes to mind when we think of Ron is consistency. He is consistent and steady in everything he does and everything he believes in. His consistency extends to his love of Penn State, his calm demeanor, and his standard work attire of an Oxford shirt and khaki pants.

Ron is always respectful, always reserved, and keeps his cool no matter what deadline, meeting, or pressure he’s under.

His industry knowledge and surveying experience has helped RETTEW land many major clients over the years, and he has played a big role in growing and evolving our Survey group.

While he may have a reputation for being sure and reserved, his team recently learned of Ron’s love of the fast and slightly dangerous. Every year he takes a long road trip on a rented Harley motorcycle, and he likes to tell the story of when he convinced a NASCAR track owner to take him on a ride around the racetrack at top speed.

Ron has been a part of this growing engineering and surveying firm for more than half our existence, and he will be missed. Thanks for everything you contributed, Ron!


Sandy is known for her broad knowledge, her precision and attention to detail, and her conscientiousness. Typically at work by 5 a.m., she has grown with RETTEW as we’ve added new offices, hundreds of employees, and more states in our geographic footprint. She’s also seen payroll evolve from the days of having to process only annual or quarterly updates to today’s on-demand world where changes are made on a daily basis.

Through all that change Sandy has been a consistent, steady, and calming influence on our Human Resources team and the company as a whole. If there was a t-shirt that said “Stay Calm and Process Payroll,” Sandy would own it!

She’s known for her great listening skills, her thoughtful advice, and her kind heart – and maybe a little stubbornness! She will be missed as she spends more time with her family and hopefully sleeps in past 5 a.m.!