Sidewalks are important for the safety and connectivity of any community.

For two municipalities in Central Pennsylvania, RETTEW is helping to fund and plan important sidewalk capital improvement projects.


In the Village of Brownstown, part of West Earl Township in northern Lancaster County, municipal leaders are making new sidewalks their No. 1 priority on their capital improvement plan.

Local children need a safe route to the elementary school, as almost all of them walk to school. The sidewalks will also connect many residences to community facilities such as the post office, firehouse, churches, businesses, and parks, making the heart of the township more walkable.

The project has received nearly $1 million in funding through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s statewide transportation alternatives program.


In Upper Leacock Township in eastern Lancaster County, RETTEW prepared a Sidewalk Master Plan for the Route 23 corridor, identifying where curbs and sidewalks should be constructed.

The township pursued grant funding, receiving $200,000 through the Lancaster County Community Development Block Grant Program and $818,848 through the Lancaster County Smart Growth Transportation Program.

The new sidewalks and curbs will be constructed where none currently exist, making the entire road safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. The identified areas are in or adjacent to the core area of the Village of Leola, the heart of the community. The new sidewalks will allow better access to the library, community park, post office, fire department, and elementary school along a heavily traveled road.

RETTEW is the Special Projects Engineer for West Earl Township and Engineer of Record for Upper Leacock Township, and we’re glad to be helping the municipalities gain funding and plan for such important infrastructure improvements!