The boom, the jib, the rotex gear, the hook. Crane parts might have fun names, but they’re serious business when safety is concerned.

At several sites throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, an energy client looked to RETTEW to help with safe installation and training for all employees on safe crane operations.

The client implemented new policies and procedures, following installation of several new overhead cranes at multiple compressor stations.

RETTEW worked with the client to develop a customized training program for the new overhead cranes, regularly used truck-mounted cranes, and related policies, and procedures. The training was applicable to all employees, and included regulated Crane, Rigging, and Signal Person training with hands-on segments. Our trainers traveled to multiple locations in all three states to ensure each employee was fully trained to use the equipment.

Keeping employees safe in the office and in the field is one of our passions, and our Safety Consulting group has earned a reputation for offering engaging trainings that employees remember and enjoy!