The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in January released revised regulations surrounding combustion engines.

The requirements apply to stationary reciprocating internal combustion engines, such as those used in back-up (emergency) generators. However, the regulations do apply to both emergency and non-emergency engines. The new guidelines aim to reduce hazardous air pollutants from engines at major and minor air emission facilities.

Owners and operators of such facilities might be subject to multiple requirements for operations and maintenance, including:

  • Performing and documenting annual oil and oil filter changes
  • Completing and documenting annual belt and hose inspections
  • Installing and maintaining non-resettable hour meters
  • Maintaining logs of engine operation

Air Quality Expert

Compliance for compression ignition engines, such as those powered by diesel fuel, is required by May 3, 2013. For spark ignition engines, or those powered by propane, natural gas, or gasoline, regulations must be met by Oct. 19, 2013.

RETTEW has extensive experience assisting facilities from many industries comply with air quality regulations and is always available to conduct a regulatory applicability assessment for your specific engines. Please contact John Schmelzle, RETTEW’s air quality expert with nearly two decades of experience, to discuss how RETTEW can assist your facility. Contact him at (717) 697-3551, or