Late summer and early fall rainstorms can cause major flooding, especially in areas already crisscrossed by many rivers, lakes, and streams.

Such was the case in Central Pennsylvania on Labor Day Weekend.

Friday afternoon brought intense downpours, so much so that many areas saw rain amounts measuring in double-digit inches in only a few hours.

With a very wet summer preceding this, many area creeks and streams were already dangerously high.

In many places, floodwaters overtook roads and highways.

RETTEW was in constant communication with the managers and public works directors of the municipalities where we serve as Engineer of Record.

Our bridge engineers were out to inspect culverts, bridges, and roadways underwater. In some cases, the community had already come together to ensure no motorists tried to go through the standing water, and that all debris was cleared.

As more rain is expected this week, our engineers will be in touch with all municipalities we serve regularly, and our bridge engineers will be completing inspections and visiting sites as needed to ensure everyone’s safety!