RETTEW is excited to announce the addition of geophysics to our long list of services as we recently completed the asset purchase of Enviroscan, a recognized leader in the industry. Geophysics is the science of detecting and mapping underground, underwater, or otherwise hidden objects and features.

Since 1992, Enviroscan has specialized in non-destructive, non-intrusive investigations to make digging, drilling, or earthmoving faster, safer, easier, and less expensive. RETTEW and Enviroscan have worked together on many projects, but now will operate as a single entity under one roof.

Geophysics is like underground radiology. You can see what’s beneath without being invasive, which means you can find out everything you need to know about your project before you start for safer, quicker, and more budget-concise planning.

This additional service integrates directly with RETTEW’s existing earth science services, which include geotechnical, environmental, water resources, and subsurface utility engineering investigations.

Not only does this new partnership blend well into RETTEW’s knowledge and reputation, joining with Enviroscan creates a seamless synergy of company culture. With our purpose to improve communities and technical expertise to help build the infrastructure of tomorrow, RETTEW and Enviroscan are ready to make your projects a success!