MIARNG Compressed Natural Gas Virtual Pipeline Design

The Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) sought a feasibility study that would culminate in the delivery of a master plan. They wanted to understand how to position themselves to be more energy and cost-efficient as well as energy independent through maximizing use of their natural resources. This plan would contain the path to implementing a system that will recover, compress, store, and decant natural gas (or virtual pipeline). The system would connect selected Michigan Army National Guard (MIARNG) installations, providing natural gas where lack of a buried pipeline or cost has been a limiting factor.

RETTEW is working with DMVA to complete the master plan, which will define the compressed natural gas (CNG) system. The team will identify aging and recent wells — viewed as non-optimal for traditional commerce — that are accessible to MIARNG as best candidates for the supply side of the system. Additionally, the study will assess which MIARNG facilities, from their dozens of readiness centers, combined support maintenance shops, and other facilities, that are best suited as CNG end users. Demand-side needs would support heating and cooling equipment, backup generators, compressors, cooking appliances, and other equipment. RETTEW also completed infrastructure and support facility system designs like schematics, specifications, and design drawings that define the working system, providing a mechanism for MIARNG to execute the master plan. RETTEW will assist DMVA with upfront program planning, including identifying discrete project and subcontract definitions, that provides a clear path towards their stated goals, including increased energy security and resilience through alternative supply.


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