Stadium High-Angle Rescue Support

This University client wanted to set off fireworks from their scoreboards, approximately 200 feet off the ground. While this would certainly be a crowd pleaser, they wanted to put safety first with fall protection for the pyrotechnicians working the show. One option presented to our client was a custom railing system. However, the time, expense, and additional structural support required for a compliant railing system was too great for their immediate need and budget. Another possibility was providing temporary fall protection and on-site rescue services during home games. Ultimately, RETTEW looked at the scoreboard roofs and proposed a customized fall prevention system that was a fraction of the cost of a railing system, could be in place within days, and eliminated the need for on-site rescue.

Using this system, workers are tied off and kept at a safe distance from the platform’s edge. A cable running down the middle of the scoreboard with permanent lanyards and a harness system allows workers to move free of trips and falls. On site for two days, RETTEW installed the system on both scoreboards ahead of deadline and under budget. The work was extremely physical, requiring RETTEW safety consultants to make multiple trips carrying more than 500 pounds of gear up four stories. Since the installation and inaugural fireworks display, our client asked us to perform biannual and as-needed inspections of the system throughout the season. The stadium operations manager and pyrotechnicians were extremely satisfied with the easy-to-use system, and as an added advantage, stadium workers can use the system when servicing cameras on top of the scoreboards as well.


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