University Area Joint Authority Reverse Osmosis Membrane Replacement

The University Area Joint Authority owns and operates an advanced water treatment facility at the Spring Creek Pollution Control Facility. The treatment facility uses reverse osmosis membranes for reclaiming wastewater to a potable quality permeate for distribution and reuse by local industries. The original membranes were installed in 2006 and provided exceptional water quality with all discharge parameters within limits. However, when the life expectancy was exceeded, conductivity and nitrate passage increased. Because the reverse osmosis process is so critical in treating reclaimed wastewater, the Authority decided to replace the membranes.

RETTEW created performance-based specifications with the manufacturers responsible for meeting specific criteria for the membranes they fabricated, supplied, installed, and commissioned. The bidders were required to submit reverse osmosis membrane design and modeling information to demonstrate their ability to meet the performance criteria. The manufacturers were also asked to provide a full replacement warranty for a period of 12 months, and a prorated warranty for a period of 13 to 60 months from the date of substantial completion. RETTEW reviewed the design and modeling information and evaluated the bids for compliance, as well as the requested warranty and pricing, including supply, installation, and commissioning 252 elements from CSM Filter. This project enables the Authority to continue providing safe, clean water to the community.


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