Kinseyville Road Bridge Replacement Streambank Stabilization

The Kinseyville Road Bridge superstructure replacement addressed critical safety concerns stemming from the deteriorating condition of the existing bridge and streambank at Reynolds Run on Kinseyville Road in Little Britain Township. The original bridge was a non-composite prestressed adjacent box-beam that displayed evident signs of degradation, including hairline cracks and moisture stains, necessitating urgent replacement to ensure safe passage for travelers. Our services entailed the meticulous replacement of the bridge superstructure with a simple-span composite prestressed spread box-beam design, enhancing structural integrity and longevity.

In addition to the bridge replacement, RETTEW prepared plans to stabilize a severely eroding streambank upstream of the bridge. Stabilization of this near-vertical 10- to 12-foot-high bank involved the installation of a boulder wall in concert with a slight channel realignment. The bridge abutment on the right bank, looking downstream, was continuously being undermined during high flow events. By integrating these stabilizing elements, we not only mitigated immediate safety risks but also fortified the surrounding infrastructure against future deterioration. Through our expertise and commitment to quality, we provided a sustainable solution that ensured the continued safety and functionality of the Kinseyville Road Bridge for the community.


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