P3 Rapid Bridge Replacement Environmental Compliance and Engineering Support

Pennsylvania’s Rapid Bridge Replacement Public/Private Partnership (P3) project is a five-year, multimillion dollar open-end contract aimed at replacing approximately 560 bridges statewide. It is the most extensive infrastructure project in Pennsylvania and one of the largest nationwide. Because of this effort and other PennDOT investments, the number of State-maintained bridges in good condition has increased by 819.

RETTEW, as a subconsultant on the program management team, serves as the Environmental Compliance Manager for this groundbreaking project. Our primary focus is to perform environmental compliance management and oversight. We ensure all aspects of the project adhere to strict federal and state environmental laws and regulations. For each bridge, RETTEW oversees the environmental compliance process to ensure that the development entity is abiding by the contractual requirements of the agreement during preliminary design, construction, and maintenance of the structures. In addition, RETTEW is providing hydrologic and hydraulic consulting where site conditions make it difficult to meet contract requirements. We are also helping select aesthetic treatments for the bridges and providing construction management services.


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