Hamilton Streetscape

Hamilton Street is the City of Allentown’s main thoroughfare in the Business District, and like in many older cities, its pedestrian streetscape was a hodgepodge of various improvement projects constructed by different consultants over a time span of 50-plus years. Accordingly, it had no uniform theme of landscaping or pedestrian amenities, and ADA accessibility varied greatly from one block to the next. To improve the pedestrian experience on Hamilton, the City decided to rehabilitate numerous blocks as part of a phased project.

As the project’s civil engineer, RETTEW regraded and provided an accessible route through the more than 1 mile of sidewalk and curb replacements. New curb ramps were installed at the 11 intersections within the corridor, and entrance conditions to the scores of existing buildings were either replicated or improved at each access. New landscaped planters, trees, and streetlighting were added, and numerous ADA-compliant benches were provided. Three bus stops within the project area were also reconstructed, and shelters were added to two of them. RETTEW also analyzed existing parking and traffic signage, and provided a comprehensive parking and traffic signing plan for the improved sections.


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